Cirò wine

Cirò is one of the oldest wine of Italy, DOC recognized by the European Union.

It is among the basic foods suggested by the Mediterranean Diet which is proclaimed by UNESCO” Intangible Heritage”
of Humanity.

This noble wine, once considered the “Nectar of the Gods”, dates back to the 8th century B.C. The first Greek colonies landed on the ionic coast were enchanted by the majesty of the Calabrian land dedicated to viticulture. They imported new qualities of vines, among them Krimisa, direct ancestor of the Gaglioppo vine. Culture and art of the viniculture spreads in Magna Greece, while Krimisa became the official wine of the Olympic Games. It was the first form of sponsor as we intend it today in fact it was offered to the winning athletes.

Gaglioppo and White Greek, native vines of the DOC area of Cirò, are the principal protagonists of the fine wine production of Cav. Antonio Malena company, the most important reality of the territory.

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