Who we are


100 years of history

The winery took its name after the founder and it has
almost hundred years of history during which there
have been several generations:

Cataldo the founder, he applied himself with passion and mastery to the art of winemaking dedicating its entire existence, passed between the oak barrels and the vineyards, to the growth and the expansion of the company.

His son Antonio represent the second generation and he
worked in accordance with the experience handed down
to him.

Today his son Pasquale joined by his wife, Valentina Nigro,
animated by a strong entrepreneurial dynamism, propose
again this renewed wine-making tradition within a modern
structure at the center of the entire farm.



These excellent wines, red, rosé and white, full of aromas and unique hints, are exported all over the world gaining a niche market in many foreign countries like Germany, France, China, Malaysia, Nigeria and Russia.

Today, the company Cav. Antonio Malena put on market 300.000 bottle of wine, all registered designation of origin, and brings the Calabrian tradition to world markets



The new company policy aims exclusively at investing in order to obtain high quality wines.



The company has also launched an experimental program to eliminate almost completely the sulphites from its products, with the purpose to protect more and more the health of his final consumers.